Sunday, December 04, 2005

In Barce

Hello all,
Arrived in Barcelona last night at about 8:00 after about an 8 hour car ride across Spain. Every thing went well, no car problems and such. Not much to see, however, until you get out of Castilla-Leon, the region that Salamanca is in. It´s all pretty flat and desert like. Cataluña is much more interesting of a region. Today is the first day that I will have to check out the city. We are planning on going tothe Picaso museum because it is free today, for some reason. Also, we are thinking about doing the guided bike tour of the city. There is so much to see here, in particular all of Gaudi´s creations. I will definately post some pictures of all that I see.
This hostal has been pretty impressive so far. The free breakfast and dinner are a nice touch, too. Although it is not a 5 star meal, it´s free, so it makes it taste a ittle bit better. There is a bar with pool tables, plenty of tables, and people from all over the world. When I arrived in my room last night there was a group of about 15 people from Australia to Canada getting ready to go out. Qutie a mix. Well my group is getting ready to take tot he streets. I´ll probably post another one soon. Peace out.


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