Friday, December 16, 2005

First quarter is oficially over

Enhorabuena a mi. Congradulations to me, the first quarter has ended and the Christmas break has started. It is still bitterly cold and still no snow. I really don´t think that we will see any more than a few sporatic flakes in the air. It will be a snowless Christmas and I just don´t know what to think about that, at least I will have the cold.
All classes went very well. The hardest part was just having to say goodbye to all the friends that I have made. The University put on a party for all the students and faculty for one last visit before everone had to leave. It was a pretty sad party. There were just about as many tears as there was free champagne, and there was a lot of champagne. It´s a very different type of friedship that people established here than on a normal basis. Everyone knows very little about each other but we acted like we had all been friends since childhood. Lots of memories were made in the short three months we had together. The good news is is that a whole other group will be coming in after the break in a few weeks and the whole bonding experience will start over again. i feel really lucky that I get to stay longer than 1 quarter. Just as everyone started getting really comfortable speaking spanish, they had to leave. But, fortunately for me I get to stay. I can´t wait to see the progress in my spanish over these next three months. I have learned soooooo much during the first three that it is kind of hard for me to imagine how much faster I will continue to learn. It seems that I am learning at a speed that is growing exponentially. Learning is soo much fun! And here there is something new to learn every second of everyday.
Last night was the Univerity of Salamanca´s celebration of the new year for all the student´s because they will all have finshed their classes and returned to their own cities. Also, Madrid and Barcelona are typically the hot spots for bringing in the new year. And since not all the students will be together for this, at midnight everyone goes to the Plaza Mayora and waits for the clock to stike twelve. The custom is too eat twelve grapes during each toll to bring them good luck in the year to come. What a party! The entire Plaza was packed. I don´t for sure but I would guess anywhere between 7,000 to 10,000 people were packed into the plaza. There are some pictures of it on yahoo. If you did not recieve the link from me email me at and I will make sure to get it too you.

Feliz Navidad a todos y un año nuevo para recordar siempre,


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