Saturday, December 10, 2005

Back From Barcelona

So I made it back from Barce safe and sound. My friend Erica and I left a little sooner than the rest of the gang. We left at around 3:oopm and got back right around 11:30. Erica doesn't know how to drive a stick shift so i had to drive the whole way. After 4 days of walking aroung the city and soaking up the night life it is pretty easy to say that I was exausted for the drive back, oh, but don't worry Erica slept enough for the both of us. My first experience on the spanish roads were definately a good one. The country side was pretty and am becoming more of a fan of the Round-abouts that they have here. Not having to stop for red lights is a nice touch. However, they did take a little getting used to. Antoni Gaudi's architectures were absolutely awsome. My favorite is the Casa batallo. All of the picks on yahoo of the interior of a house are from this house. That guy sure had and imagination. He didn't go to any special school for being an architect, instead he got all of his ideas and motivation from nature. Use your imagination to try to see the connctin between nature and his designs.
So finals for the first quarter are the monday and tuesday of next week. I should be studying right now but it will have to wait till I finish this. The exams shouldn't be too dificult and I expect myself to ace them all. No pasa nada. During this break is when I am going to miss all you guys the most so make sure you send some emails, snail mails, phone calls or any other type of communication that you prefer. My host family is great but no substitute by any means.
Every one take care these holidays and don't forget what Christmas is all about!!!
Abrazos y besos a todo el mundo. ( Hugs and kisses to everyone).


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