Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ojalá que nieve aquí. (I hope that it snows here)

Well, we´ve gotten a few snow flakes here but mainly it´s just been cold, cold, cold. I was a little ignorant when I was packing before I came and opted for the 5 pairs of shorts instead of my winter jacket. However, do to my extensive sewing skills, I have successfuly turned those 5 pairs of shorts into semi-windresistant "coat thing". Actually I just bought one at the store, but I know that you all believed me for a second. But, no worries, I´m staying nice and warm. Unfortunately the trip to Italy was cancelled because we didn´t buy out tickets in time and now they are all more than 400 euros. How sad. I think that we are going to rent a car and take a road trip to the Basque Country (el País Vasco) and enjoy some of the best food Spain has to offer. Don´t worry I´ll bring back a few samples for everyone to try back home.
The passing of Thanksgiving means only one thing, Christmas is right around the corner.Here´s an early Feliz Navidad to everyone, or just to the three people that have actually read this blog. The town has put all sorts of decorations along the streets and today they are decorating the christmas tree in the middle of the Plaza Mayor. I will post some more pictures once they turn the lights on. Everone is pretty excited. I didn´t think that spain celebrated Christmas with a decorated tree but they do. However, the Christmas holiday lasts for almost 2 weeks. It starts on the 22nd with a hugh country wide lottery, I think the grand prize is like 43 million euros and there are like a hundred or so consolation prizes. Tickets are 30 euros each so I don´t think that I will play. They celebrate the 25th with a large family dinner that I am greatly anticipating. Then comes the new year where the custom is to eat 12 grapes at each toll of the cathedrals bells at midnight. If you do it successfuly you are supposed to have good luck for the rest of the year. Try it, it is harder than it sounds. I´ve been told the secret is to peel the skin off the grapes and just swallow them whole. This too is harder than it sounds. I have practiced once or twice. Then the 6th of January is the day of the Magi Kings. The day that the three kings made their way to Bethlehem and presented baby Jesus with fankensense, myhr and something else that I can´t remember. Anyways, this is the day that they exchange their presents. I kind of like this tradition better than recieving gifts from Santa Clause or Papa Noel as to which he is referred to here.
Time to end another entry. It´s kind of hard to be creative at this part soooooo..............................................BYE!


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